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About Us

Welcome to Haven, a family-run boutique hotel located right on the beach in the fishing village of Bai Xep, 10km from Quy Nhon.

Big Tree & Haven
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Our hotel’s casual and friendly yet cosmopolitan setting offers guests an opportunity to really experience local Vietnamese life.


Our 16 cozy rooms arespread out in three separate buildings connected by courtyards, walkways and abundance of greenery.


Our restaurant Big Tree Bistro with both indoor and outdoor dining and a wood-fired pizza oven, serves diverse Vietnamese and Western dishes.


Haven is most suitable for families, groups of friends and independent travelers searching for off-the-beaten-track destinations. You can enjoy swimming with local children, taking a boat trip with seasoned fishermen, or simply lazing on a day bed and enjoying a drink while watching the ever-changing colours of the islands, sky and sea.

We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful place that we have called home since 2014.  

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We are committed to fulfilling our environmental and social responsibilities towards the local environment and community through practices such as:

- Employing a majority of staff from Bai Xep village

- Providing staff with social and health insurance plans

- Free accommodation for staff from other parts of Vietnam

- Sourcing produce from local suppliers and farmers

- Outsourcing services to local people without taking commission

- Employing local people to collect trash on the beach and in the village

Solar panels installation, April 2024 - 11.jpg

- From April 2024, solar panels expected to provide 5.5kw of our typical 7.12kw daily electricity consumption

- Refilling water jugs for all rooms

- Using environmentally friendly appliances wherever possible

- Recycling food waste for neighbours’ farm animals

- Offering refills of large water bottles to restaurant guests

- Avoiding single-use plastic amenities in rooms and restaurant

- Providing changes of linen and towels only on request

- Encouraging customers to help keep the beach clean by offering free drinks in exchange for bags of trash

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