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There are many activities available for you at our doorstep, whether you want to explore, love to be in nature or simply wish to relax by the beach. 

Take a boat tour

Take a boat tour to nearby islands to enjoy snorkeling and roasting sea snails.

 We can arrange cold drinks & sandwiches upon request 

Wander around

the village of Bai Xep

Wander around the village at different times of the day and observe the daily activities of the local people, including fishing-related work, boat building and repair.

Discover Quy Nhon

Visit Quy Nhon city with its tree-lined beachside promenade, busy markets and fishing port, seafood restaurants, Cham towers and museums.

Hike up to the waterfall

Hike up to the waterfall in the rainy season.

Row the conical boat

Challenge yourself, and learn how to row the conical boat with a local fisherman.

Enjoy the beach

And right in front of Haven on beautiful Bai Xep beach enjoy swimming, sun-bathing, walking, and watching the sunrise and sunset.

Enjoy a massage 

Enjoy a spa and massage in the village.

Local bites

Take a meal at a local seafood restaurant or food stall in the laneways of Bai Xep. 

Play a boardgame

Browse through our selection of board games and compete with your friends or other fellow traveller


Welcome to our blog!

April 2024

We had solar panels installed this month. Apparently we can expect them to provide 5.5kw of our typical 7.12kw daily consumption

Solar panels installation, April 2024 - 11.jpg

August 2022

Our friend An Maxtone painted the Big Tree seawall during her summer school break. We think it blends right in.

An's Big Tree mural project, August 2022.jpg
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